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Friday, February 14, 2014

Review Gatchaman Crowds.

Summary(My version)

Gatchaman Crowds is a series about a group of humans and half-humans that protect the planet from alien's and trouble.

With the ablillities granted by JJ(The god of their powers) they fight off evil Aliens and solve problems.

Using their NOTE's they communicate and transform into there ultimate form(Which the one of Tsu-chan is the cutest >.<) by using the phrase(Go Bird) they transform into their epic BATTLE ARMOUR!

My review


Tachibana Sugane

Tachibana is the second main character of the series.
He has a Loyal,Obedient,Focused personality,that really shows when Hajime joins the Gatchaman.

Hes ok and serious but tends to get confused when Hajime starts to do things...

Hajime Ichinose

Hajime is the main protagonist of this Anime.
She is an very VERY VEEEERRRYYYY Hyped up girl.
And tends to be over excited at moments where cant make sense out of.

I have yet to find a scene where she's sad.
She even exchanged riddles with the main enemy if this anime.

Final Review!

Art:8(Its kinda generic but well used.)
Story:6(It starts a a pace that was to quick for me.)
Music:9(The first time i heard Dubstep in Anime.+ The op is so awesome!)
Characters:7(The characters are interesting but some times confusing.)
Overall Score:9(If you like a fun story that has awesome half mech like characters then this series is for you!)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review:Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier!

What is Macross Frontier?
Easy question to ask.
Well here is a stamp from the wiki,

Who are running the show here?

^Click The Photo to see more^

What are my thoughts on it?

Alright it is time to give you my thoughts.
If you where looking for an Gundam look alike leave now.
It's nothing like that.

Well I like the idea of a space colony.
Why well you are locked up in space no where to go it kinda raises the tension,
As for the Story line there is a lot of singing involved.
I can see you thinking HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC FUCK NOOO.
Don be alarmed This Anime is filled with awesome Japanese Singers that means solo artists!




Overal:Defenitly worth watching.

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